The Project

The purpose of RenoHub structure, on-line platform and two offices

The overall aim of RenoHUb project is to trigger an upscale of the energy retrofits of the Hungarian homes through the development of an integrated business model (RenoHUb) that is capable to substantially expand within and beyond the project lifecycle in an economically viable manner without involving additional public grant co-financing.


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Jun 08, 2020

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Past and future events

How to boost mass renovations?
07 October 2020
How to boost mass renovations?

Prospects for upgrading the energy performance of the Hungarian building stock

In Hungary, the largest energy consumers are buildings, accounting for 40% of the country’s final energy consumption alone. But how can we help to increase the scale of residential building renovations in the next period?

At the event we focus on looking for answers with our professional presenters to the challenges related to the economic, financial, technical, social and consumer attitudes that we have to face today in order to renovate the building stock. What kind of tools and solutions are available to overcome these challenges, and what can be done by the specific (state, municipality, business, professional, financial, individual) stakeholders? More info here.


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