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The Business Modell aims to create the organizational framework of RenoHUb integrated home renovation services.  The Model like many similar European initiatives generally adopts the one-stop-shop approach, but is tailored in many respects to the specific features of the Hungarian residential energy efficiency market.

When designing the RenoHUb project, it was recognised that a purely online solution cannot be appropriate to efficiently support the green transition in the Hungarian residential sector. Thus, RenoHUb is based on two pillars:  an online platform and a network of information points (RenoPont offices), thereby to enable both digital and traditional interpersonal communication.

The overall purpose of the Online Platform is to seamlessly cover the entire home renovation process (customer journey) with professionally well-established and up-to-date information tailored to all relevant stakeholder groups.

In terms of RenoPont offices the project has secured funding for the setting-up two pilot RenoPont offices, one in the city of Nagykanizsa managed by IMRO DDKK Nonprofit Kft. which is already operational since mid-February this year, and another one in Budapest to be opened soon. The pilot offices test the economic viability of two solutions. The RenoPont office in Nagykanizsa is a precursor of the entrepreneurship model which on institutional cooperation between RenoHUb and a market actor. The Budapest office will be based on the partnership model which assumes non-profit RenoPont office that will be hosted by a dominant municipal stakeholder in partnership with MEHI. The pilot RenoHUb offices should be replicated beyond the project’s lifecycle and developed to network of RenoPont offices.

In parallel, one of the consortium members, MCSTE develops an independent energy renovation scheme for single-family buildings. RenoHUb will also support the market uptake of MCSTE scheme.

The ultimate goal of the Business Model is to create a financially viable institutional framework in order to ensure its long-term sustainability the Online Platform and the constant growth of the RenoPont office network.

The Business Model can be downloaded from here.