Almost three weeks ago, on November 15, the RenoHUb project was officially launched. RenoHUb received a 1.5 million EUR fund from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program as the first successful Hungarian H2020 application in the field of energy efficiency. After the initial intensive preparatory work, we held our kick-off meeting on December 5-6. There were 15 people on our first meeting; we talked in detail about our work packages, agreed on our plans and worked out the tasks for the next 6 months. One of the most important tasks of Energiaklub – which has decades of professional experience in the field of policy, research, developing awareness and international relations -, is the management of the project. Energiaklub is also responsible for the project communication, for the campaigns and for the training related work package.

The idea of RenoHUb comes from MEHI, the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute. The organization has been working in the field of energy efficiency closely with companies, manufacturers and professional decision-makers from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology for more than ten years. MEHI participates in the professional background research of the initiative and leads two work packages: one aims to develop the concept of RenoHUb, to implement the Online Platform and the Hotspots, and the other focuses on the dissemination of the results to the widest possible audience.

AACM Central Europe Llc (AACM) is a consulting company dealing with sustainable environmental management with an experience of several decades. AACM will play a major role in the development of RenoHUb’s business model and in supporting the project with innovative financial solutions to foster residential energy efficiency initiatives. To achieve this, relationships are being established with a number of domestic and international financial institutions. AACM is also coordinating the background research in order to ensure that services are well-founded and that renovators interested in energy efficiency receive comprehensive and effective assistance to the energy efficiency renovations of their homes.

IMRO-DDKK (IMRO) in Nagykanizsa has great expertise in the renovation of multi-family buildings. It has extensive network with residents and installers as well, so it can channel extremely useful experiences into the project. IMRO-DDKK conducts the first, so-called pilot energy efficiency renovations and improves the concept and process with the experiences of them.

MCSTE, the Hungarian Family House Owner Organization, that was registered in 2018 aims to gather family homeowners into an advocacy community and help them through the complex mazes of renovation. MCSTE associates have many years of professional experience in the field of community energy efficiency support projects, and have operated the Zugló Energy Efficiency and Consulting Office (ZETI).With their experience, Hungarian family home owners get help to embark on a major energy efficiency renovation, and RenoHUb can give them real assistance.