Who are we?

We are five Hungarian expert organizations cooperating to implement the country’s first and unique one-stop consulting network within the framework of a 3-year long Horizon 2020 project, thus helping and encouraging the energy efficiency renovation of homes in multi-apartment and single-family houses in Hungary.

What do we want?

The aim is not only energy saving and climate protection: our goal is to make each Hungarian home nice, comfortable, economical, environmental-friendly and healthy!

What is a one-stop consultancy system?

Its prototype is the so-called one-stop-shop model which successfully operates in several European countries. The services of the one-stop system help the process of energy efficiency renovation of detached houses and condominiums through a free online platform, as well as physical offices (Information Hotspots), guiding homeowners through the complex process of home renovation from decision making to implementation.

What services do we provide and when can it be used?

We help to decide on the most important steps of a renovation process with the support of independent, trusted professionals. Through an interactive online platform we help homeowners to find out what to expect during the renovation process, what to pay attention to, and what aspects to pay attention to when choosing building materials. The online calculator helps the planning process with a preliminary savings estimation, but users can also get technology- and brand-independent advice personally at the office. Further steps are supported by template documents (e.g. call for proposals of manufacturers, contracts), brochures and references. Users can choose qualified specialists from our experts’ database, who prepare a technical plan based on the client’s needs and the characteristics of the apartment / house.

The first two offices will open in 2021, in Budapest and Nagykanizsa.

What all happened in a year?

The first year in numbers