This deliverable provides the summary of the Task 2.5 Assessment of the impact of energy efficiency refurbishment on the real estate value. The task aimed to conduct a comprehensive countrywide market analysis how the costs of energy refurbishment incorporates into the market price of the renovated homes.

The purpose of this analysis was twofold: on the one hand, we wanted to quantify the relationship between energy renovations and property value through a comprehensive science-based study. On the other hand, by complementing the results of the D2.1 study (understanding the drivers/triggers and obstacles for homeowners to renovate their buildings), we aimed to produce a novel result that was relevant and useful from a communication point of view. We hypothesised that we were about to uncover a correlation that could be an important argument for price-sensitive Hungarian homeowners, encouraging them to invest their money in energy renovation.

The summary of the report can be downloaded here.