As part of the training material for hotspot operators, a manual for operating hotspots was be made by the partners. The manual gives practical guidance on how to set up and maintain a RenoHUb hotspot.

The Manual introduces operators to the two basic pillars of RenoPont: the complex, user-friendly RenoPont Online Platform and the RenoPont office network with a unified image (so-called advisory offices). They can also get know the concept and services of the one-stop-shop (OSS) system as well as all of the relevant available information about the potential customers, i.e. the renovators (Who are the target groups? What are the motivations and fears of renovators?).

One of the most important purposes of the Manual is to introduce the Customer Path. The operator should learn about the entire service process and its steps. The services of both the Online Platform and the RenoPont offices are detailed in the Manual. Through the services, the operators could learn about what a good consultant is like, what their responsibilities are and what communication guidelines are recommended.

The Operation Manual can be downloaded from here.