In order to make the RenoHUb model as effective as possible in helping energy-efficient renovations of residential buildings, our first research focused on getting know the key player in the entire renovation process: the homeowners renovating their homes. Through a 3-day online blog and four focus group interviews, we got a complete picture of why someone wants to renovate (motivations), why people start a renovation (drivers), what their fears and concerns are, whether those will be proven later, and what kind of support homeowners would need throughout the renovation process – in fact, what they would expect from RenoHUb’s service. As the whole process includes other very important cooperating partners as well, we conducted more than ten in-depth interviews with installers coordinating renovation processes on a daily basis, manufacturers of energy efficient products, common condominium representatives and municipalities as future potential partners. We received essential additional information from each interviewee on how to fine-tune our model.

The report can be downloaded from here.