The last Replication Workshop held on 18th of May 2021 addressed the topic of stakeholders’ engagement and the role of consumers in energy efficiency. The participants received inspiring ideas and best practices by various experts.  During the first session, two examples were presented about the stakeholders involving among others homeowners, financial institutions, local governments effective in the energy renovation of buildings.

The first solution describing the results of the people-planet approach of the EUROPA project, was presented by Charlotte Eloise Stancioff and Luigia, Ekubirojs.

The second example addressed the RenoHUb project’s market research were delivered by dr. Fanni Sáfián, Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI). Her presentation was largely focused on the homeowners’ fears, motivations, drivers and obstacles to energy renovations were explored. The project used many innovative ways such as running an online blog and conducting focus groups research (read more about the results here).

The second session of the Workshop analysed the stakeholders’ involvement in SEAPs and SECAPs. The first presentation in this session was held by Mr. Stefan Drexlmeier, Energiewende Oberland who has demonstrated results of the contribution of stakeholders in energy efficiency projects and its effectiveness.

Another method for stakeholder engagement in SECAP development and implementation pursued by the PentaHelix project, was introduced by Ms. Ana Lovrak, UNIZAG FSB (University of Zagreb).

The speakers received numerous questions from the audience and overall, this Replication Workshop it was regarded to be was one of the most successful events.