An important element of the Online Platform will be the calculator which supports the homeowners to estimate indicative values on the expected renovation costs, energy savings and emission reductions of their planned renovation.
Although this preliminary calculation will not substitute the technical survey by an expert, we would like to help the visitors with the most reliable values possible.
The research of Work Package 2.3 is intended to serve as a basis for the operation of the online calculator. Our innovation is that the calculator not only calculates on the basis of the data entered by the user, but after identifying the building type, it replaces the missing values with the characteristic values of the given building category. There is an opportunity to do this as Hungarian buildings are usually built with typical, age-specific technical parameters, so we can generally rely on them.
The document presenting the research first demonstrates the Hungarian building typology, namely the types and characteristics of Hungarian residential buildings, as well as the limitations of their use. It reviews what kind of energy renovations we can talk about, what the online calculator can examine, then it describes in detail the possible design of online calculators, gives suggestions for displaying building types and renovations, technical content and achieving the most realistic results possible.

The report is available here: