Hand of Business people calculating interest, taxes and profits to invest in real estate and home buying

D4.1 Online communication strategy

The channels, messages and content of the online campaign were designed in an online communication & marketing strategy. The strategy was developed and implemented in cooperation with an external marketing expert team, and support the success of RenoPont’s one-stop-shop business model and the promotion of its services. The main feature and uniqueness of the RenoPont service is that we help through a one-stop-shop renovation consulting network those, who are interested in home renovation or are future renovators.

In our communication plan we highlighted campaign proposals, identified content production, search engine optimisation guidelines and specific tasks concerning the use of the image. The online and offline channels – which we would like to use – have been considered in terms of what purposes they need to serve, and how should be created and managed them effectively.

The details about the online communication strategy are elaborated in the confidental Deliverable D4.1: „Online communication strategy”.

D4.2 Training Material for RenoHUb hotspot operators

The staff of the hotspot offices received targeted training which prepares them for providing the appropriate responses to the users’ inquiries. More specifically this means to be able:

  • to translate the user’s need into practical implementation steps;
  • to provide guidance concerning the further activities required, paper/documents to use, whom to turn to with specific technical questions, available financing products, etc.
  • to train future operators of newly established Hotspots in the country.

The operators acquired all the necessary knowledge in the training in order to support their clients as effectivel as possible. The details about the 40-hour in-house training course, the six modules and the exam are elaborated in the confidental Deliverable D4.2: „Training Material for RenoHUb hotspot operators”.